AS Roma

Creative Direction, Logo Design

Frame by Frame Italia & FBF NY



Case Study

At the head of the 2014 Italian Serie A season AS Roma launched its own television network on the SKY platform. The team had recently been purchased by American ownership, marking the first a time foreign born group had control of an Italian squad.


AS Roma was a sleeping giant in the eyes of the new ownership. With an intensely loyal and numerous fan base in Rome the group sought to build around this passionate epicenter. With a multiple stage plan to create a media center

originating from Rome, including a new stadium, a museum, new online presence,  the television network was the first part to this strategy. We took on the task of building a brand for the network, as well as 14 show packages, promo package, insert graphics, sound, music and strategy.


The goal was to make AS Roma as relevant on the international scale as other top European clubs while maintaining and building off of their Italian heritage.



In order to properly expand the brand to various applications we considered the various media landscapes the content would be consumed.

Team Assets

We took the prevalent angle inherent in the coliseum facade and built the logo from there. This angle is at 27ยบ, the team was founded in 1927. The logo artwork gives the impression of looking at the coliseum from a birds-eye perspective. It also was constructed to have a connection to a Roman soldier's shield.

The direction was titled "Nuovo Angolo" (the new angle)

The idea is to approach Rome and AS Roma from a new and fresh perspective. It looks to build off of and respect the past with an eye towards a new future.



Logo System

Competitive Landscape

Conceptual Sketches

Show Logos

Logo System

Logo Treatment

We took familiar images to the club and to Rome and built them out with an angular approach. We also developed an icon system to play across the network to help connect the various shows and graphics.

Design Language

For typography we were inspired by the vertical nature of Roman columns. This language showed prominently in the promos.


Alternate Promos (IDs)

We had the honor to shoot the team one afternoon. We had some restrictions as we were only able to use the players from their waste up.


We used their images across the network as posters - both as still and live-action formats.

Insert Graphics

Taking the language that had been established we built out an insert graphic system that was utilized across the network. We created a system for the 6 categories shows could fall under; match, news, lifestyle, talk, classic, & youth.


The visual language of the network was built to conform to the various platforms based on levels of intimacy. When there was singular user (mobile) the language was more graphic and existed in a planar space. As the participating audience increased, the level of the space being depicted followed suit.

Audience Participation